Posted by: Alexander | August 14, 2012

One size fits all

Something a lot of budding designers of aircraft liveries forget is the need to ensure their design is suitable for any size of aircraft with little or no modification.

It’s easy to make any livery look stunning and pleasing to the eye on a 737-700 or MD80 for example. But does it transfer to anything larger?

For example, Shaheen Air. They adopted this livery:

It’s smart and well balanced, visually stunning even and suits the 737-200 well. I also happen to know who designed it. They were a freelancer like myself.

The problem with that livery is simple. If you transfer it to a larger aircraft and you end up with a tail heavy design:

There is no secret to balancing a design. You just had to have a good eye and imagination.

When I designed the following livery – admittedly a virtual outfit, hence the name – for the 737-700, I kept the possibility of larger aircraft in mind. To illustrate this, I have drawn it up on the 737-800, 787-8 and 747-8I. The livery remains balanced.

I must admit that this livery is a little old, I originally designed in 2003.

Posted by: Alexander | August 11, 2012

A Polish affair

Back when LOT announced a new livery for there new 787 fleet on order, I drew up some ideas that popped into my head at the time. These are what I came up with. As usual, I’m just thinking out loud.


Posted by: Alexander | August 8, 2012

They have a bob sleigh team you know!

A couple a years back, maybe 3 or 4, rumours were abound that Air Jamaica were going to order either A330s or B787s for a fleet renewal program.

Talk was also abound that they were going to launch a new livery and brand to revitalise the airline’s presence in the skies above.

Here are two ideas I came up with. As usual, these are simple “I wonder what that would look like” designs.

Posted by: Alexander | August 8, 2012

Present and future Boeings

Sometimes when reading a thread of an aviation forum, I get the urge to illustrate the main points of discussion.

A thread on came up discussing how potential future versions of the Boeing 777 would look in British Airways livery and how they compare to the current fleet on order or operating.

So I drew this (The 777-8 and 9 models are guestimates on Boeing released details at the time of posting this)

Posted by: Alexander | August 8, 2012

Cooking with Katie

This was a fun project started and completed in May and June this year.


I was given Carte Blanche to come up with a print and embroidery friendly logo and banner for a new business aimed at teaching people how to cook and feed themselves with a nutritionally healthy diet.

Given the subject matter it was expressed that the logo should contain fruit and/or vegetables.


My initial ideas were:


She liked the idea but wanted square corners, a different shade of teal and flat fruit and veg.

The finished article:

I included separate fruit and vegetable icons for use on the website which is still under construction at the time of typing this.

Posted by: Alexander | August 1, 2012

Do they serve Pagpag on board?

Here is another fanciful design I did to keep my creative juices flowing. Spurred on by rumours that Philippine Airlines were looking for a new look.

My usual “Hello, here is an idea” e-mail went unanswered, as usual.  So, after 8 months of waiting for a response that is undoubtedly never to come, I decided to post it here instead, enjoy 🙂

Posted by: Alexander | April 23, 2012

Scandinavian Business

Folks have been badgering me to draw up fantasy livery proposals for SAS since their announcement of a few changes discussed here


To shut em up, here’s was I fed them.

Posted by: Alexander | April 18, 2012


So, a new Polish start up has just got it’s first plane painted.

I like the nose and the smiley face, bit of a departure from the “oh so serious” liveries a lot of airlines carry. It also vaguely reminds my of the much loved and missed PSA. I think the stripey engines should help the layman recognise the livery from quite a distance! However, I’m not so sure about the use of Comic Sans as the tail font:

As the Comic Sans Criminal website explains, there is no call for Comic Sans other than using it for children’s books. I fear using this font may damage this new airline’s credibility.

Here is a 5 minute job designed to rescue some credibility for the Bingo brand:

Posted by: Alexander | April 14, 2012

Warming up in the Bahamas

Airlines are tough people to deal with. They always want something for nothing and then want more on top of that. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. The older the airline is, the more curmudgeon-like they are.

Way back in 2001 or 2002, I was contacted by someone at Bahamasair. (That’s the national airline of the Bahamas, if the name didn’t tip you off).

He was a 737-200 pilot for said airline and a member of the board with some influence.

He had seen my work and was impressed. He told me that in the coming year, Bahamasair would be getting together with the Bahamas’ Ministry of Tourism to promote the Caribbean archipelago.

Bahamasair wanted a livery based on the new logo for the aforementioned ministry.

Over the next 18 months or so, I bashed out over 300 livery designs. Slowly but surely the options were whittled down to one design, a few tweaks over a couple of months and it was rubber stamped. I sent them the painting instructions, logos, colour charts and the kitchen sink.

While the aircraft was in the paint shop, somebody made several changes to the livery. The resulting livery is clean, but a little bit of a mish-mash and doesn’t look exactly like I had envisioned it. Oh well, “c’est la vie” as the French say.

(Recently it was announced they were getting 737-500s from Argentina, so I drew up the current design on a 500 template for my friend who is still a pilot with them.)

In the years since the launch of the current livery, I’ve stayed in contact with my friend and periodically other members of the Bahamasair board.

At one point, the idea of acquiring 757s was gathering momentum. At that precise time, I had developed an “out of the box” livery inspired by the Junkanoo. So I illustrated it on a 757:

Posted by: Alexander | April 4, 2012

Arabian nights

Way back in 2004, I had the pleasant task of designing a livery for a classic DC-8.

The outfit was called United Arabian Airlines. I was put in touch with their CEO and he sent me their existing logo and typeface with the instruction to make a cost effective livery that was simple enough for a paint shop out in Africa someplace to paint up.

After a few draft ideas and some telephone conversations, this is what they went for.:


Initially they did not want to paint the engines. But I convinced them it added visibility of their brand and also added a touch of elegance to the plane. That won them over.


ST-UAA, or “Farahnaz 2” flew for a couple of years in this livery before some numbnut ramp rats in an arabian airport I forget the name of drove her into a ditch and broke her two inboard engines and pylons, plus some nose and belly damage.

She was repaired and returned to the sky but it seems the company never quite recovered from the accident. They sold ST-UAA and quit the airline business. A sad day. Nice people, everyone of them.

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