Posted by: Alexander | October 18, 2016

Has it really been that long?

My scribbles have kept me busy. I’ve been working on a few projects since my last post here.  Most of them cannot be shared here out of discretion. This one however, can be.

I was approached by the organiser of a local charity setting up an office where people looking for financial guidance, help figuring out the maze of forms for employment and disability benefits and all sorts of similar advice could come in and get help for free.

They needed a simple, eye catching logo that would in future be instantly recognisable as a place where help could be obtained. The logo had to contain the name of this office: Dunfermline Advice Hub.

These were my initial ideas:


The colours I chose because they Promote inspiration, imagination, empathy, self respect, intuition, clarity and confidence.
After some feedback and tweaking, this was the final design. Simple, efficient and striking:


The feedback I have had is that people are noticing the Dunfermline Advice Hub on the local high street as the colours stand out from all the other shop signs. This is exactly what I had hoped would be the case.


What is The Dunfermline Advice Hub?


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