Posted by: Alexander | August 14, 2012

One size fits all

Something a lot of budding designers of aircraft liveries forget is the need to ensure their design is suitable for any size of aircraft with little or no modification.

It’s easy to make any livery look stunning and pleasing to the eye on a 737-700 or MD80 for example. But does it transfer to anything larger?

For example, Shaheen Air. They adopted this livery:

It’s smart and well balanced, visually stunning even and suits the 737-200 well. I also happen to know who designed it. They were a freelancer like myself.

The problem with that livery is simple. If you transfer it to a larger aircraft and you end up with a tail heavy design:

There is no secret to balancing a design. You just had to have a good eye and imagination.

When I designed the following livery – admittedly a virtual outfit, hence the name – for the 737-700, I kept the possibility of larger aircraft in mind. To illustrate this, I have drawn it up on the 737-800, 787-8 and 747-8I. The livery remains balanced.

I must admit that this livery is a little old, I originally designed in 2003.


  1. I never thought of that before, but it is a great point. I will have to consider that for future.

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