Posted by: Alexander | August 8, 2012

Present and future Boeings

Sometimes when reading a thread of an aviation forum, I get the urge to illustrate the main points of discussion.

A thread on came up discussing how potential future versions of the Boeing 777 would look in British Airways livery and how they compare to the current fleet on order or operating.

So I drew this (The 777-8 and 9 models are guestimates on Boeing released details at the time of posting this)


  1. How much bigger can they make the 777 and still keep it on two engines?

    • I have no idea. I’d imagine the proposed 9 model is about the limit.

    • It depends on size of the engines, really. As long as engines get bigger (e.g. more powerful), plane can get bigger. Compare 707, which had to be 4 engined, and 727, which had to be 3 engined, with the 777.

      Another way of making 777 bigger, more efficient engines – means you need less fuel, means you can use more available weigth for structure and payload.

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