Posted by: Alexander | April 4, 2012

Arabian nights

Way back in 2004, I had the pleasant task of designing a livery for a classic DC-8.

The outfit was called United Arabian Airlines. I was put in touch with their CEO and he sent me their existing logo and typeface with the instruction to make a cost effective livery that was simple enough for a paint shop out in Africa someplace to paint up.

After a few draft ideas and some telephone conversations, this is what they went for.:


Initially they did not want to paint the engines. But I convinced them it added visibility of their brand and also added a touch of elegance to the plane. That won them over.


ST-UAA, or “Farahnaz 2” flew for a couple of years in this livery before some numbnut ramp rats in an arabian airport I forget the name of drove her into a ditch and broke her two inboard engines and pylons, plus some nose and belly damage.

She was repaired and returned to the sky but it seems the company never quite recovered from the accident. They sold ST-UAA and quit the airline business. A sad day. Nice people, everyone of them.

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