Posted by: Alexander | March 17, 2012

Virtual Airlines

Along with the many airlines plying the skies of our world, there is also a plethora of “virtual” airlines who ply the skies of a virtual world base of flight simulation software such as Microsoft’s “Flight Simulator 11” and “X-Plane 10” for Macs.

Many real world airlines have a virtual counterpart mirroring their fleets and routes. Some airlines have embraced this virtual presence and allow said organisations to use their corporate liveries in the proviso it is not altered and used in moderation. I know British Airways have formally sanctioned their virtual counterpart, British Airways Virtual.

It should be said the 99% of these virtual airlines are run by volunteers, crewed by volunteers and charge no fees to join. They range from the ultra realistic organisations with strict proficienct tests and rules to a more relaxed atmosphere where hobby virtual pilots come and go as they please.



In 2007 a friend of mine approached me to do some graphics work for the virtual airline he was part of, Freeworld Airways.

As things progressed, the board also put out a tender for a new mainline livery for their virtual fleet, feeling that their current one was no longer attractive enough.

I decided to take a shot at this and offered my services for free, as a favour to my friend.

Several concepts were drawn up and eventually after a 2 to 3 week period, the final livery was agreed upon. I released the design to them and they are still using it today.


News of my involvement spread. I started getting requests filling my inbox.

In my spare time, I responded to the more promising looking requests. Here is a collection of liveries I designed from scratch during this time. All logo work and most of the colour choices were made by myself.

All the airlines are virtual. Some continue today, others have since closed.





  1. Thanks for the nice FWA livery design – I did not know that!

    • You’re welcome. There are many things around the net that folks don’t know came from me. I work in the dark.

      • 😀

        Like the adaption of the livery for the express fleet?
        Admittedly, the tail section is getting hard to paint sometimes.

      • No, that’s not mine. Maybe Dhruv’s?


  2. Mind mailing me for further exchange?

  3. Very nice stuff. More of an admiration for creative souls like yours. I struggled much to come up with useable design for my personal fleet.

    This ( being about the best I came up with… I can not be especially proud. I cleaned it up a bit after the shot but the base stayed the same.

    • That’s not a bad effort. The pattern makes it harder to read the name. But it’s a clean design, if a little overly white.

  4. Very nice work! Are you still taking business? I am looking for someone to design a livery for me on the CRJ2 found on this website ( Eventually, I would like to create a couple more liveries on a few other planes.


    • I can occasionally accommodate such requests. Depending on how much work I am doing for paying customers.

      Drop me an e-mail to remind me 🙂

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